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Holy Sundays?

Faith Focus
When do I make time to rest in God?

Keeping the Lord’s Day holy is a commandment as ancient as Moses on Mount Sinai. Now as then, people of faith sometimes struggle to embrace the gift of Sabbath rest, to make their Sunday’s holy through what they do as well as what they don’t do.

To sanctify your Sundays, try this:
• Take a walk or a hike; enjoy God’s creation.
• Fast from using a computer, smart devise, or TV for a period of time, possibly all day
• Spend some time reading Scripture.
• Listen to sacred music.
• Plan a family meal or invite friends in for table fellowship.
• Carry out Spiritual or Corporal Works of Mercy.
• Read a Catholic publication.
• Make a visit to a cemetery to honor deceased loved ones.
• Take time for centering prayer or other Christian meditation.
• Volunteer at your parish as a lector, an usher, an acolyte, an extraordinary minister of the Eucharist. Offer to help serve coffee and doughnuts after Mass, or to set up or clean up. Perhaps your parish has day care during Mass and could use babysitters. Your parish needs you as much as you need your parish. Get involved —Sunday or any day!



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