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New Parable: Beauty

A New Parable: Beauty is as beauty does

There was a certain woman who was very concerned with appearances. Each week, she made and kept appointments with her hair stylist, her manicurist and her personal trainer. She received facials, purchased pricey cosmetics and worried over every wrinkle. She wore fine jewelry, fragrant perfumes, shimmering furs and drove a fancy new car. This woman spent a great deal of money — not to mention time — on her personal maintenance. And though beautiful and well dressed, though physically fit and well coifed, this woman never felt good about herself. Her teeth were white and perfectly straight, yet she rarely smiled. In fact, her mouth typically turned down at the corners into a sad, pinched frown because she always envied other women’s beauty, bodies or wardrobes.

There was another woman who paid little attention to how she looked. Her hair was graying and a bit disheveled. Her clothes were out of fashion. Her helping hands were rough from sorting clothes at a thrift shop and peeling vegetables at a soup kitchen. She also volunteered at an animal shelter, where she undertook regular exercise walking the dogs awaiting adoption. She drove an old but reliable car that she often used to run errands for others and to pay visits to hospitalized or homebound people. This woman never wore sparkling jewels or luxurious makeup, yet she almost always wore a radiant smile. And because she felt beautiful inside, she appeared beautiful to others — especially to the many she comforted.


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