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Wired, yet disconnected

Faith Focus for the Week

What, if anything, do I give my undivided attention? How is this feeding (or harming) my relationship with Christ and other people?


There was a man so obsessed with technology that he found himself constantly distracted. This man had mastered multitasking. He could talk on the phone clipped to his ear while surfing the Internet, which was always at his fingertips because he constantly carried a laptop. This man watched his flat-screen television with the sound turned down so he could listen to his MP3 player. He ate on the run, making calls during meals. When he exercised, he watched television. He constantly checked his e-mail.

The man was wired, yet disconnected. He rarely gave anything his undivided attention. He did not abide quiet, and constantly walked around with ear buds as a barrier to interaction with the outside world. As a result, the man wound up feeling spiritually starved. He felt distant from his friends, yet he rarely looked them in the eye because he kept his gaze glued to his handheld device to check text messages, game scores and the stock market.

There was another man also well aware of the benefits of modern technology. This man, however, knew the value of silence and mental space. He turned his cell phone off most of the time and avoided talking on the phone while driving. He checked his e-mail only twice each day, in the morning and in the evening. He had come to see multitasking as counterproductive.

He focused his attention on one task at a time. He did not need constant background noise because he felt communication with his spiritual self. He watched radiant sunrises and saw the splendor of the Lord. He attended concerts and heard joy in the musician’s melodies. He enjoyed preparing food and sharing it with friends gatheredaround his table, where the only rule was that all cell phones be silenced.

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